Small Garden Pond Designs

Garden Ponds and Plants
Most pond plants are easy to grow and require little maintenance other than the occasional tidy up to remove tired-looking foliage or fading flower heads.

However, for a pond to be relatively easy to look after you have to choose varieties that suit the size of the pond and the depth of the water. You also need to bear in mind how the plants will combine together if you want to achieve an attractive looking water feature for most of the year.

Easy-care ponds

If you have a pond with a surface area of around 5m² and you choose the right combination of plants, the pond can be virtually self-sustaining. Aim to cover at least one-third of the surface area with floating plants to cut down the amount of sunlight penetrating the water.

Floating leaves, such as waterlily pads, not only provide shade and hiding places for young fish, but also prevent the growth of algae that can turn the water a murky shade of green.

It can often be said that sometimes designing a small garden or preparing a small garden plan is generally overlooked in garden design manuals. But you can pride ourselves on the quality of your small garden designs and illustrated on a grand scale.

  A garden pond can be the home to a garden oasis on the water. The system of ponds is a science in itself. Who finished a small pool with a bubbling fountain sufficient, the need to make any great thoughts. The simplest solution is a water barrel that is embedded in the ground. If we then still a small fountain pump, mini pond is already completed.

Depending on the size can be here even settle a few gold fish. In general, these ponds are not suitable for stocking with fish. Who is a real garden pond with different deep-water zones, which is appropriate to plant and keeping of ornamental fish, wants to set up, access must be something deeper in your wallet. In general, two types are possible. The finished pond and a variant that is applied individually with pond liner.

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