Round Shaped Houses

Life in a golf ball. Immediately south of Exit 25 on the west side of Interstate 40, an enormous geodesic sphere is perched on a standpipe. To all the traffic traveling on the Interstate, it looks like a golf ball sitting on a tee waiting to be sent off into space by some huge driver.

Located just south of the remaining artifacts of Route 66–a road that dates back to an era when buildings often took on the form of the product they were selling–one would be forgiven for looking for the golf course that goes with the ball. No golf course, not even a miniature one, will be found. The ball was built to be a night club and restaurant for a land development. The project went bust leaving an orphaned 40 foot diameter oddity sitting alongside Interstate 40.

The Yucca golf ball home. A couple owned RV parks, hotels and restaurants in Wyoming. They were traveling along Interstate 40 on a winter visit to the state when they happened on the abandoned sphere.

The house comes completely furnished and includes all utilities.

Some People always wondered what it would be like to live in a strange shaped house and how hard it would be to decorate … what do you think of this odd looking UFO like round house?
They bought it in 1981 and presented it to his wifel for her birthday. She says, “He’s always buying something goofy.” This fit right in.

The “Round” House is a beautiful private home situated on 180 feet of Caribbean beachfront with mountain views of the Honduran mainland and Oyster Lagoon (aka Lower Lagoon). The dock access is in Oyster Lagoon and is just behind the house. The beach gently slopes into Utila Bay, with coral reef the full length of the beach and an 80 foot drop off less than 300 yards from the house, providing a beautiful area to swim, snorkel, and shore dive. This fully equipped home with two bedrooms is perfect for two couples or a family.

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