Organize Your Living Room Furniture

Living room reflects your personality as well as your taste. A comfortable place to sit and relax-whether watching television, curling up with a book or chatting with friends and family.

The solution might be a contemporary modular seating system or an eclectic selection of old and new pieces, or anything in between. The organization of your living space also sets the tone of your whole home.

Sketch your room on a piece of graph paper.  A good conversion to use is a 1/4 inch on paper to every 12 inches in your living room. Add in everything that will affect your furniture arrangement, such as windows, doors, closets and electrical outlets.

Always choose a large object for the focal point. It may be some thing like a fireplace, large bookcase etc. If you choose sofa as the focal point, then hang a special painting above it. Put the rest of the furniture and the lighting to highlight the focal point.

Arrange the rest of your furniture around your sofa in a U shape. For example, put a chair on both sides of your sofa at an angle. Place your coffee table in front of your sofa so that it is within reach.

Televisions. Everyone has a television, so there’s no need to make it the focal point of your living room. Consider tucking your television away inside a media cabinet for the maximum amount of camouflage. If you want your TV in plain view, then try tying it into another focal point in the room so the TV doesn’t become overwhelming. For example, placing your TV above a fireplace or in a built-in shelving system will help to draw the eye to your home’s other features, rather than just the TV.

Lighter and neutral shades of walls will give you the chance to select any furniture with any color, scheme or style. For a completely different style, you may incorporate bamboo and cane made furniture.

Minimize the Electronics. Think flat, think small, and think multi-use. Replace your bulky television, stereo, and DVD player with a flat-screen television that has a built-in DVD player. The DVD player will also play music CD’s. Instead of a huge stereo, think high-quality bookshelf systems with small speakers.

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